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Rima Bird Yoga

Yoga Instructor & Writer 
Montclaire Yoga - Private and group yoga classes

          Hi Everyone,

Montclaire Yoga - Private and group yoga classes

My name is Brandi Rima (RYT-200), and I am a psychology professor, yoga teacher and writer of all things yoga and psychology. I found yoga as a runner and doctoral student seeking injury prevention and stress relief.  I quickly realized that the practice offered much more for my mind, body and soul.  If we let it, yoga can awaken the brightest parts of our being. I'm passionate about sharing this practice with my clients, readers and community. 


After twelve years of consistent practice, I trained with Kelly Santucci of Flux Yoga (Cedar Grove, NJ) to complete my 200-hour certification. My teaching style is dynamic and light-hearted as well as supportive for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners alike. If you wish,  I'm here to help you find what speaks to you in this practice. Please come as you are as we work together to find harmony in strength, flexibility and balance. I teach yoga out of Montclair, NJ and in nearby towns. Private virtual sessions are also available. 

When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm writing about it. I'm a contributor at Om Yoga Magazine. Find my articles here:

Private Yoga Offerings

  • If you're not completely comfortable practicing in a group setting, would enjoy more focused attention from your instructor, and/or have unique needs that you feel are better addressed individually, private yoga is a excellent option. 

  • My private clients enjoy:

    • a free 15-minute consultation before we begin, follow-ups and check-ins as desired 

    • easy, flexible scheduling that fits into your life 

    • the convenience of the instructor coming to you without worry of getting to class on time, finding parking, etc.

    • if you like, extras that support your practice including assists in postures, gentle massage at rest, aromatherapy, and guided meditation

  • For private and/or semi-private sessions, just send me a little message at to schedule a free consultation.

  • Pricing for private yoga sessions is similar to pricing for other one-on-one health and fitness services. All first time clients receive 40% off their first session. Reduced prices for class packs are also available. 

  • Bookings for parties (e.g., birthday and bachelorette parties) also available. Just ask and we will find what works for you! 


Group Classes 

  • Hot Vinyasa Tuesday 5:30 pm & Thursday 6:00 am @Flux Yoga, Cedar Grove, NJ

  • Vinyasa Flow Friday 9:30 am @Yogacentric, Clifton, NJ

  • Basic Sunday 11:00 AM @Yogamechanics, Montclair, NJ

  • I also pop up at other times and studios from time to time. Follow me @rimabirdyoga! 


  • I host monthly restorative yoga classes @Yogacentric in Clifton, NJ.

  • I also partner with other wellness leaders in our community to offer wellness retreats and events a few times a month. Follow me on IG @rimabirdyoga for updates. 

  • Upcoming Events

    • July 8 (5-6:30 pm): Sound Healing & Restorative Yoga @YogaCentric in Clifton, NY


Montclaire Yoga - Private and group yoga classes
Montclaire Yoga - Private and group yoga classes


Brandi cultivated an inspiring flow based on my specific goals and skill-level. She is an intuitive and caring teacher who has made me a more confident yogi. She brings the same calm and focus to our individual sessions as she does in the studio. I look forward to continuing to practice with her. ~Amy

My experience with RimaBirdYoga has been outstanding. Her instruction is clear and always exactly what I need from the session. Her on the spot modifications help me work through whatever I’m managing that day. She is responsive, punctual and a genuinely warm person. Highly recommended! ~Julia

Brandi is one of a kind! If you’re looking for an incredible, knowledgeable yoga teacher, look no further.  I have taken yoga all over New York City, and after moving to Bloomfield, I was on the hunt for a new teacher. After two kids during the pandemic, I looked for someone to help ease me back into things. Not only did Brandi ease me back into yoga, but she has also genuinely helped my body heal postpartum. Her classes have a wonderful flow to them while pushing me and my practice to new heights.  During our personal session at my house, Brandi worked with me on poses I’ve struggled with for years. She showed me the correct way to do them, ensuring I wouldn’t hurt myself.  Her teachings fully embody all the aspects of yoga – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I always leave feeling so refreshed and ready to start the day. If you haven’t taken a class with Brandi yet, you must do so! ~Michelle

My experience with Brandi has been incredible! She explains the yoga postures and their energetics while teaching the poses. I find this extremely helpful for me because it helps me connect further into the postures. Brandi also goes around the room and corrects alignment. I feel this is an important complement to the class, in order to prevent injury. Brandi makes me feel safe attempting new postures by doing this! I think it is so much fun!  I have taken many yoga classes in the past and I really resonate with Brandi and her method of teaching. I feel she is very approachable and has a bright, compassionate, loving energy. I recommend taking private yoga classes with Brandi. I feel it would help benefit confidence and stability in the postures. Brandi is a pleasure to be around and I am grateful to have connected with her. ~Catherine

Leaf Pattern Design
Montclaire Yoga - Private and group yoga classes

Light. Breath. Grace. Magic. 

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